Frequently Asked Questions

What is ¡YAPPAH!

The ¡YAPPAH! brand is inspired by a tradition of the Andes of South America. It was the concept of "yapa" and it refers to the little something extra a merchant gives to a valued customer to make sure that nothing gets wasted.
This concept inspired us. Because "Let's waste food," said no one. Ever. At Yappah Foods, we Discover Beauty in the Forgotten™. Fighting food waste is just the beginning.

What is in the Protein Crisps?

•Chicken Breast - #1 on our Ingredient Line
•Tapioca Flour - from Cassava root for a satisfying crunch
•Rescued Vegetable Puree - from juicing
•Rescued Spent Grain - from beer brewing

What is Upcycled Chicken?

We use Tyson chicken breast tenders in ¡YAPPAH! Protein Crisps. At times, the cutting process for the chicken breast tenders leaves a trim. We upcycle this chicken tender trim into ¡YAPPAH! Protein Crisps to add value to an otherwise low-value trim. Once incorporated into the Protein Crisps, it adds flavor and protein.

What are rescued veggie purees?

Veggie purees are usually sold to make juice. The ones we are sourcing are close to their expiration date and would have been trashed if not given new life by being incorporated into ¡YAPPAH! Protein Crisps. They are perfectly good in terms of quality and provide great flavor.

What is rescued spent grain?

These spent grains (malted barley) are a by-product of the beer brewing process. They would have been trashed or used for non-human consumption if not provided to us.

Why package it in a can?

Aluminum cans are fully recyclable. In this way the product helps fight food waste on the inside while the can fights packaging waste on the outside.

What is the quality of your ingredients?

These are high-quality ingredients from reputable suppliers such as Tyson Foods and Molson Coors.

Do you also help fight hunger?

Yes! Through our partnership with the Greater Chicago Food Depository we help raise awareness and funds for hunger relief in the Chicago area.

More questions? Send to hello@yappah.com